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Students of this class take part in the trips to the Geological Museum and Museum of the Earth, PAN and alternatively the trips to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Students have the chance to meet travellers who passionately talk about their adventures and share their knowledge about the visited corners of the world. Students participate in regular lectures at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz. CLASS C with the extended program of biology, chemistry and mathematics. If you dream about studying medicine, pharmacy, ecology, veterinary medicine, biology, chemistry or other natural sciences or you just like nature, this class is for you. Students of this class take part in field classes and outdoor workshops in Rogw, BiaBowie|a Forest and Pieniny National Park. In cooperation with the Medical University and the Technical University of Lodz, students participate in workshops conducted by the employees of the above-mentioned universities. In addition, students are encouraged to organize nature forums and participate in numerous knowledge competitions. CLASS D with the extended program of history, social science and Polish. The young people choosing this class plan to study law, journalism or other humanities in the future. A number of students in this class are among other finalists and winners of the humanistic Olympics at the central level. Students of this class have the opportunity to p #b e l m κqXqA*-h!RhB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!RhB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!RhB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R5B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 'h!RB* CJOJQJaJmH phpsH 0h!RhJ5B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R5B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH  c e 4 F $a$gd "$a$gd "m r u  % 4 X \ 締r[r[rD[r[r-h!Rh "B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh SB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!RhB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh@eOB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh "B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!RhB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH    F NEзppWWW@-h!Rh "B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!RhQU_>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh!RB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh@eOB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh@eO>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!Rh@eOB*CJOJQJaJmH phsH 0h!Rh!R5B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH Elq3;AUWaѶ0h!RhQU_>*B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH U-h!Rh "B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH -h!RhQU_B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH ublish their own texts in the school newspaper and Lokalna Gazeta a local newspaper. Besides, students take part in numerous lectures and workshops organized by universities as well as in legal and journalistic education. 21h:p ". 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